Starting at Spartanburg Community College and then transferring to a four-year institution is a common strategy for students planning to earn a bachelor’s degree. SCC has many resources available to help students who are looking to transfer.

Ease into the college experience

With dedicated faculty and smaller class sizes, SCC is better at easing students into the college experience and provides more individualized attention.

SCC faculty focus more on teaching and generally have less competing interests – like research projects, project funding or getting work published – that would distract them from teaching introductory college courses. There’s also opportunity for more individualized attention to help struggling students directly thus increasing their chances of success.

Many SCC class sizes for general education and elective courses are smaller than those at four-year institutions. Smaller class sizes allow for better access to the instructor and also more individualized attention, which again translates into better learning and potential student success. At SCC, the average class size is 25 students.

Save money

Attending SCC can provide substantial savings. For starters, tuition and fees are less than four-year institutions. Tuition at SCC for two year is $8,400. Those same two years would cost $30,000 at a four-year public college such as Clemson, or $90,000 at a private college such as Furman. By starting and staying at SCC through completion of the associate degree, students may save enough to cover the tuition cost of their junior year at another college or university.

Spartanburg Community College’s campuses are conveniently located, saving students commuting costs and dorm expenses by living at home.

Another important yet often overlooked benefit is scholarship opportunities. “Scholarship opportunities ( are available to people who start at a community college,” said Bea Walters Smith, executive director of advancement and the SCC Foundation. When students start at community college, they start building their college transcript, and their academic achievements there can lead to scholarship opportunities not just at the community college, but at a four-year institution as well.

Complete the basic requirements

Bachelor programs require that students fulfill a set of general education courses, and community colleges are good places to earn these credits. SCC students can take these courses and be guaranteed they will transfer to four-year public institutions and many private institutions.

Upstate Direct Connect is an exclusive opportunity for two-year colleges partnering with the University of South Carolina Upstate that guarantees admission to USC Upstate for any student who graduates with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or selected Associate of Applied Science degrees from a partner school, including SCC. SCC also has articulation agreements with many other colleges including Clemson, USC-Columbia, Converse, Limestone and more!

Assistance with transferring

Most community colleges, like SCC, offer dedicated assistance to help students with the transfer process. Students are provided with online transfer resources and information on transfer agreements, application deadlines, scholarships and more. Many four-year institutions hire personnel specifically to assist and recruit students from community colleges.

Many of these representatives visit SCC’s transfer fair to speak with students about transferring to their college/university. Community colleges are good places to explore career fields of interest before committing to a major. It’s an opportunity to take time exploring options while paying less per credit than at a four-year institution.

SCC encourages all students to seek advising from a counselor in the SCC Academic Advising Center or from their assigned academic advisor when deciding to transfer to another college.

Boost grade point average

Taking classes at SCC can help improve a student’s grade point average (GPA). Unlike most four-year institutions, SCC has an open-door admissions policy allowing students to be accepted regardless of past academic performance. Students who improve their academic record show four-year institutions they are serious about their education and it permits them to meet the minimum admissions requirements at their chosen four-year institution.

Transferring from SCC is a smart way to start college, save money and achieve academic goals. And, by utilizing the expertise of dedicated instructors, professionals and resources, the process provides a smooth transition to a four-year institution, especially for graduates with an associate degree.