SCC_early_collegeEarly College at Spartanburg Community College

Early College, also known as dual enrollment, at Spartanburg Community College (SCC) gives a high school student a jump-start on a college education by providing the opportunity to earn college credit while simultaneously earning a high school diploma.

How does Early College/dual enrollment work?

High school students, age 16 or older, who meet the necessary college-level placement requirements and course prerequisites, may enroll in college courses held on one of SCC’s campuses or at the student’s high school or career center.

How do students qualify for participation in Early College/dual enrollment?

High school students interested in participating in Early College/dual enrollment are encouraged to contact their high school counselor or faculty or the SCC Early College staff to determine the specific procedures established for their district. As part of the qualification process, students must meet entrance requirements, which are determined by a skills assessment or with satisfactory SAT/ACT scores.

Who pays the college tuition for Early College/dual enrollment courses?

In most cases high school students and their parents or guardians are responsible for the tuition, fees and books. Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) is available to assist with tuition for students enrolled in 6.0 credit hours or more.  In cases where the student is enrolled in classes offered at their high school or career center the tuition and fees may be discounted.

Dual Enrollment, Dual Credit…what is the difference?

• In Dual Enrollment, a student who is still in high school is enrolled in a college course offered by SCC and receives college credit for that course.

• In Dual Credit, a high school student is enrolled in a college course offered by SCC and receives both college credit and high school credit for the course. The awarding of high school credit for the college course is an option determined by the high school. Students wishing to receive both high school credit and college credit for SCC courses completed are encouraged to contact their high school for details.

What is the admissions and registration procedure?

1. The student meets with his/her high school counselor to obtain permission to apply to the program and completes the following:

a) A permission form signed by the principal, parent/guardian and student,

b) An application for admission to SCC’s Early College Program and,

c) A financial aid waiver form for LTA consideration.

2. Students must take SCC’s skills assessment/placement test in English, reading and mathematics unless they have a satisfactory SAT/ACT score.

3. Once all required documents have been submitted, the student will be accepted to SCC, advised by their high school counselor, or SCC’s Early College counselor, as to the appropriate course(s) for the current semester and registered for classes.

4. The student or his/her parent/guardian pays tuition and fees. Students should ask his/her high school counselor or SCC’s Early College director or counselor about tuition and fees.

5. The student purchases required textbooks at the SCC bookstore, or through their high school or career center.

For more information on SCC Early College/dual enrollment opportunities, contact the Early College office at (864) 592-4263, the Admissions Office at (864) 592-4800 or visit