Beginning a career isn’t always as simple as graduating from college and landing a job. Planning for a career requires that you take a look within yourself, explore career options, and conduct a strategic job search. Like most things worth having in life, it requires hard work and planning.

The Career Services office at Spartanburg Community College invites students and graduates to explore the many resources and services available through this office including resources designed to assist individuals in learning more about their interests, skills and values. Career Service also coordinates on-campus company recruitment of students, organizes bi-annual career fairs, assists in the development of employability skills, assists in the preparation of marketable resumes, and provides students and graduates with local job opportunities through College Central Network, an electronic job posting database system, online at

Career Assessment

Many prospective and current students need some assistance as they plan for a successful future. In Career Services, students can receive professional career guidance in a friendly, one-on-one setting, and the Career Services staff can help students determine how to obtain the information they need to make a sound career choice. In addition to meeting with Career Services staff there are also online career guidance tools to help students identify their interests, skills and values.

Smart Job Search

When you’re looking for a job, the quality of the time you spend searching is often more important than the quantity.

To make the best use of your job search time, first consider how companies fill jobs. More than one-quarter of outside hires were made via referrals from networking in 2009, according to a survey by CareerXroads. Company websites accounted for about 22 percent of outside hires, and job boards for about 13 percent. The survey found very few hires from social media.

Networking, then, should be your top priority, since it leads to referrals. Use job boards in moderation. Social media may be better as a networking tool than as a direct link to a job.

Step Away From the Computer

Experts’ main advice on what not to do: Don’t spend all your job search time in front of a computer screen. Many of the activities that are recommended, such as getting out of the house and meeting people, can also keep you from becoming depressed and giving up on your search, both of which are a definite recipe for failure.

A number of traditional and newer job search tools can be very helpful—but only if you use them correctly and don’t go overboard.

Job boards – Do look online for jobs, but don’t make this the focus of your hunt.

Social media – Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites can be great for keeping up connections with people who may be able to help you. But again, you can spend too much time online and not enough on other parts of your search.

Online research – It’s a great idea to identify some key companies you’d like to work for, then go to their sites for job postings and news.

Working with recruiters – Remember that recruiters work for the company that is hiring, not for you. Do talk to recruiters who specialize in your field, but don’t spend a lot of time on it. If you’re right for a position they are filling, they will be in touch.

Job fairs – Use job fairs to get a sense of what companies are looking for and to practice introducing yourself and interviewing. But don’t assume you’ll walk out with a job.

Numerous job opportunities are available for SCC students and graduates. Local employers post their openings directly online through College Central Network, and new opportunities are added daily. For more information visit

To speak with someone from SCC Career Services, call (864) 592-4820 or email