SCC_onlineIf you’ve ever looked into taking online classes, you probably know that opinions about online learning swing from the wildly negative to the rose-tinted positive.

The truth is somewhere in the middle: online classes are a good fit for some students, but not all. Are they a good choice for you?

Let’s start with a warning about the possible downsides:

Students who need face-to-face interactions to help with the learning process, and those who aren’t the best at time-management, may find themselves struggling with an online course. If you prefer hands-on learning, or need help pacing assignment completion, a traditional classroom is really your best bet.

Online courses can require a lot of reading and writing, as well as some technological know-how. Students who are coming back to school after some time away from the academic environment may find themselves unprepared for the kind of essay-oriented work that some online classes require. Online students need to be comfortable using their computers, navigating the Internet, and using a basic office software program (i.e., Microsoft word, Google Docs, etc.).

That said, the positives of online learning are numerous.

Convenience. Working outside of school, raising a family, and other commitments can make it difficult to fit traditional classes into your schedule. Online courses let you plan your study time around your day, instead of the other way around.

Lower costs. While not all online classes or degrees are the same, total college costs are almost always lower online. There are no commuting costs, and daycare costs for children can be greatly reduced.

Brush up your work skills. You don’t have to quit your day job to go back to school. Online classes let you continue in your current job while you learn, and earning a degree or certificate can help you broaden or revise your skill set.

Pajamas! …and so much more. Yes, you can even “attend” online classes from your kitchen table! But also consider the lower stress that comes from cutting out daily traffic jams, fighting for parking, leaving work early to get to school, and juggling childcare!

So, do online classes sound like a learning environment that suits you? SCCOnline offers more than 100 online courses each semester, including many general education requirements! Learn more at or call (864) 592-4404.